Summer Style

Summer Style

Temperatures are rising in NYC and across a majority of the globe of course because that’s what happens in the summer.

Summer is my personal second favorite season (following fall of course). The minimal clothing, bright colors, flowy fabrics, and fun prints are enough to give it that ranking. Not to mention that, in my opinion, it’s one of the easiest seasons to dress for in the morning. So I threw together a few tips that I like to follow when putting together looks for the summer months:

Pack up the all-black looks for a season.

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Listen, I am somewhat an advocate for all-black-everything all-year-round, but black clothing attracting more heat is absolutely not a myth. It’s okay to wear a few black pieces here and there, but I advise you to try and stay away from drowning yourself in the color completely. Lighter colors both keep you cool and have a very delicate feel that would remind you of a carefree summer. You’ll thank yourself for keeping your outfit hues on the airier side when you’re somewhere on a rooftop and the sun feels like it is literally within arms reach. Leave the drab and dark colors for when it gets cold out and go for lighter and brighter during the summer!

Prints, prints, and more prints!


If there were ever a time to wear eye-catching prints like palm trees and pineapples, the time is now! Your closet should be stocked with a few printed statement pieces to make outfits a little bit more fun. Florals, patchwork, or Hawaiian prints, there is certainly no shortage of weather appropriate printed clothing in stores when the summer rolls around. 

Let your feet breathe!

IMG_9569-min (1).PNG

I don’t know about you guys but wearing close-toed shoes in the summer sounds like hell (and feels like it too.) There are so many different cute sandal styles to choose from. My current favorites are sandals with fringe at the front.
I love a good heel but during the summer I usually opt for flat sandals, because walking through these NYC streets with 3-inch block heeled sandals while it’s 85 degrees out can be a bit much (although sometimes necessary for the sake of fashion).

Mind your silhouettes and fabrics.


Form-fitting clothing can certainly be ideal for some summer events. Clothing that flows in the wind are bound to keep you much cooler. Loose clothing made in light cotton, silk, lace, or linen is the way to go. Silk camis are a staple summer piece for me. They’re breathable, super cute, and can be paired with pretty much anything. 

Sunglasses are your best-friend.


You will absolutely never see me outside during the summer without a pair of sunglasses. This is the case for every season, but especially during summer. Aside from the fact my eyes are extremely sensitive to the sun, sunglasses are the finishing touch to every summer look. They truly just pull everything together. A timeless classic and favorite pair of mine is my Ray-Ban aviators. Those will never go out of style!

Now that we’ve covered 5 of my crucial summer style tips, make sure your closet is equipped with all these necessities for the remaining month and a half that we have left. They’ll be sure to keep you cool, cute, and colorful; all words you should aim to be during this glorious season!

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