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Submission Guidelines

Got a story to tell? Photo series to share? Want to be a content creator for Brainwash? Here’s what we need from you: 

Written Submissions

  • Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? What  are you into? What’s your favorite piece on Brainwash? 
  • Gather your ideas. Summarize your story in a paragraph or less. Make it concise. Make it  interesting. Include links to your sources. 
  • Provide a draft of what the final story would look like. Keep it within 800 words or less. 

Visual/ Fiction Submissions

    Submit the draft of your photo spread, short film, poem, short story- whatever creative ideas you have in your mind with a short description of what the piece is about. 

What’s Next?

If your submission gets chosen you will sign a Contributor’s Agreement and we will go through an editing process with review dates and day the piece goes up. Please note that Brainwash is a small team of creatives and will not be paying their contributors however we love supporting our creatives and giving them a platform to create and add legit links to their portfolio :) 

Managing Editor:

Leah Hill / brainwasheditorial@gmail.com

CEO + Editor in Chief :

Ayanna McNeil / ayanna@brainwash.media