Stepping Out of Your Style Comfort Zone

Stepping Out of Your Style Comfort Zone

Do you find yourself gravitating towards the same type of clothing? Or constantly wearing one color for days on end? Or maybe even wearing the same pair of shoes for multiple days in a row? If so, I most certainly can relate.

I used to wear predominantly earth tones, and if I wasn’t wearing that, I was wearing all black everything. My wardrobe consisted of a lot of creams, taupes, olives, nudes, browns, etc. I felt as if I had to wear these muted hues because of how bright my hair was (I’m a redhead and have been for about 6 years). I would never stray too far from this color palette, due to the fear of looking like I had way too much going on. Bright hair and a bright-colored outfit? I might as well be bozo the clown. 

As time passed, and my sense of style and I evolved, I gradually started to experiment with colors that I never would’ve worn before. I guess you can say I was tired of playing it safe and limiting myself and my wardrobe. I was missing out on so much bomb fashion. All because I convinced myself I couldn’t wear anything other than this handful of dull shades!


In the midst of reviving my personal style, vibrant pinks, blues, and oranges suddenly became apart of my closet. I realized that I didn’t have to stray away from these bold colors completely, but I can just implement them into my looks in the form of a statement piece. Whether it’s a baby blue coat, or bright pink pants, or a red bag, I can still have fun with color even though my hair is as bright as it is. For me, the trick to incorporating these bold-hued pieces is to color coordinate from head to toe.


So, for example, if I'm wearing a pattern that has a bright color in it, I’d wear an article of clothing that accentuates, or is the same color as, that bright color. Flawless color coordination is an essential element of being able to ride that line between high fashion and looking like a rainbow threw up on me (ok I’m being dramatic). Highlighting details of something so minuscule like the lilac exterior lining of my bag or nearly invisible indigo lines in my skirt is something I do often. That way, I’m able to seamlessly incorporate these not-so-muted colors into my look, and everything complements each other perfect— even my hair!

I was guilty of wearing the same color for days on end, or months in this case, solely because I had brainwashed myself into thinking that was all I could wear. Other people's complacency in their sense of style will prevent them from taking risks or believe that there are items of clothing they can't pull off. This is bulls***t. 


Here are a few quick tips to help break that spell:

1.    Don’t rush it. If you’re used to dressing “girly” but want to try out edgier looks, doing a complete 180 is something I definitely would not advise. You don’t want it to look forced. Do you find yourself always wearing floral prints? Maybe start with a floral printed leather piece. That way you still have that delicate element with the floral print,but now you've introduced a harder element with the leather. Incorporating small changes over time will make a big difference— especially when done organically.

2.    Find some inspiration. Social media makes that super easy with the overwhelming amount of fashionistas, style gurus, and just regular ol’ people with amazing outfits. There are so many people to draw inspiration from and to nudge you in the right direction of revamping your wardrobe. I personally like to google "street style looks" and get my inspo from there. That’s something I do frequently now to keep me from getting complacent in my sense of style and to be sure that I’m constantly trying new things. If you like something, try it! There shouldn’t be anything that’s stopping you from trying pieces that you actually like.

3.    Be yourself! This is the major key to stepping out of your style comfort zone. Adding your own personal flare is what makes your new look “you”. You should pull inspiration from social media and the world around you, but this doesn't mean you become a carbon copy of these folks. Instead of completely emulating the looks that you drew inspiration from, find a way to put your own spin on it. 



Stepping out of your comfort zone can certainly seem daunting, but I’m a firm believer that you can make anything look good as long as the confidence is there. And why not reinvent your style a little bit? Constantly wearing the same type of outfit gets boring after a while and getting creative with your looks just makes day-to-day activities, like going to work or school, significantly more enjoyable (at least it does for me). The power of a good outfit is damn near incomparable. If you look great, you’ll feel spectacular. So, get out that style comfort zone and start feeling spectacular!






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