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Who are we? 

Brainwash is a collective of artists, writers, creatives, photographers, regular shmegular children of the diaspora who have stories to tell and thoughts to share. 

What do we do?

Here at Brainwash we find the humanity within ourselves by examining the humanity within the ideas we consume daily. We dissect SZA lyrics and live tweet during the season premiere of Insecure. We place spotlights on young creatives of color and open up dialogue about mental health within our communities.

After all- we are all connected through a series of high speed internet servers but does it matter if we aren't truly connecting? With others? With ourselves?

How can you help? 

1.  Put your friends on. We cannot build community if you are the only one that knows about us. Seriously. Engage with us. Talk to us in the comments. Post on socials. Tweet the writers. 

2. Submit your ideas to us! We are constantly looking for new creatives to tell their stories. Art that inspires more art is the only work that matters so if you read/see something on Brainwash that inspires you to create something, email us! 

3. If you believe in the work we do and want to be a part of the squad- we are always looking to build, fam. If you are ill with the social media finesse, or if you are a bomb photographer, or maybe you know how to finesse CSS or can create fly graphics, or you just want to create content for us on a more consistent basis- hit us up! 



Founder/ Creative Director/ Whatever the millennials are calling themselves these days