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7 Point Manifesto

no small talk.

This isn’t a click bait ting. No gossip. We don’t care about the K**dashians. Sorry.

all are welcome.

We are inclusionary of all gender identities + sexual orientations. That means no homophobia. No transphobia. No slut shaming. At Brainwash we will amplify lgbtqa+ voices. If you don’t like it you gotta go.

duality is important.

We love Cardi B + Solange equally. We honor all experiences here.

deep thought is a requirement.

Brainwash is here to provoke. Stimulate. Confuse. Irritate. Excite. Inspire. Engage.

no one is above critique.

Brainwash + it’s contributors are not free of fault. Call us out. Engage with us. No dragging tho. NAH.

all brainwash content must be told by people of color.

We love all folks (except t***p supporters) and welcome all readers but this space is for us, by us.

if it’s good, IT’S GOOD.

You wanna do a photo series on the color orange? Write about ya fave fast food chains? Analyze the fashion looks in A Different World? If it’s well done, we’re widdit.