What is something not too many people know about you?

One thing that people don’t know is that I’m 100% Brazilian. It's so funny when people ask what my nationality is and they try and guess. There's only been one time where someone got it on the first try. 

Why did you start to DJ?

I’ve always loved not only music but just sounds in general. Growing up in New York, I’ve been to so many events. But the one that changed my mentality was GreatestDayEver in July 2015. Walshy Fire took the stage and I just remember everyone vibing and totally in tune with his energy. I wanted that. I wanted to be the one responsible for everyone having a great time. My journey started 2 months later.

What's your favorite type of music to DJ right now?

Thats a really hard question. There are so many great genres of music. With the summer coming around I’ve been on a very heavy dancing vibe. Dancehall Afrobeats, Hip-Hop, and R&B have been my preference as of late.

What inspires you most?

I’m often inspired by other DJs. It'ss amazing to see someone with the same passion express themselves in their own creative ways. I’ve had the honor of meeting a couple of my influences such as DJ Puffy, Skratch Bastid, and FourColorZack. All amazing people that motivate me to work on my craft everyday.

What is your definition of success?

For me, success is about happiness but not just for yourself, but for the people around you as well. My close friends and family have been nothing but supportive on this journey. Their happiness would in turn elevate my own happiness.

What are your goals for the future?

 The ultimate goal is to DJ globally. Another goal that I have is to compete in Red Bull 3Style. Two goals that not only put me on a bigger platform as a DJ, but also provides an experience in places I wouldn’t visit otherwise. I’ve also been digging into producing music so a short term goal would be setting more time aside to do that.

Tell us something about the project/projects you're working on?

 I’d like to start a radio station where I can have other DJs, as well as myself, come and spin to expose their talents on a global level such as a live stream. There is so much talent that goes unnoticed. I just want to help provide that vibe that makes you forget about all your troubles and help you create memories.