jupiter retrograde and me

jupiter retrograde and me

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Energy Update

Happy Taurus season! On April 20th, the Sun entered Taurus bringing in a breath of fresh air. There is something quite special about this Taurus season— ruling planet Venus is in fiery Aries and Uranus is in Taurus for the first time in 84 years. Uranus in Taurus is bringing forth an awakening— breaking free from and revolutionizing long-standing traditions. With Venus in Aries, a flame is set ablaze in the areas where Taurus rules in our charts. On April 24th and April 29th, Pluto and Saturn station retrograde. While both of these planets tend to have more negative and dramatic significations, these retrograde periods are nothing to fear. In fact, together with the current Jupiter retrograde, this could be an advantageous time to “get yourself together” and if you’re really looking for a challenge, look into shadow work.

Jupiter Retrograde

On April 10th Jupiter stationed retrograde in Sagittarius. Jupiter will retrograde until August 11th. While Mercury retrograde is a dreaded event, Jupiter retrograde should be welcomed with open arms. I like to look at retrograde periods as life’s “get out of jail free cards.” The universe gifts us all with another chance to prepare for when opportunity comes knocking and recognize our blessings. In astrology, Jupiter is the greater benefice. His role is to support and stabilize. He is a bringer of luck, success, and opportunity. His retrograde periods are a time to slow down and ponder on all you have to be thankful for. Thus, this retrograde period can help set the groundwork for the lessons to come with the upcoming Saturn and Pluto retrogrades. You can read more about Jupiter retrograde and the general effects here:

Below you will find my interpretations of Jupiter retrograde for the 12 zodiac signs. With Jupiter being in Sagittarius, the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) are in for quite the spiritual journey while Earth signs are in for quite the personal transformation. Read for your rising sign first and then feel free to read for Sun + Moon.  


The world is truly yours to explore, so pick your poison. Jupiter wants to teach you a lesson of acceptance and exploration of an entire world outside yourself.  Ask your heart where it desires to be and let your mind take you there. Dive deep into a new world and expand your mind! But take your time with this one, Aries, Jupiter knows no limits. Allow your mind to time to process and apply the knowledge you gain.


Intimacy and sensuality should go hand and hand, but you, Taurus, sure like to keep things very surface level. Do not be afraid to explore nor express the depths of yourself. We all have secrets and parts of ourselves we wish to hide, but there comes a time where we can no longer keep hiding— especially from ourselves. Spend some time alone with yourself during this period and do not be afraid to be intimate + vulnerable. When you truly know and accept yourself then there is no more fear of the unknown.      


Soak up this moment because it might not last forever! Jupiter retrograde wants you to grow and explore yourself through other people. Have you met your match or your mirror? Learn more about those you love and find out more about yourself along the way, especially about boundaries! You might be feeling more adventurous with your boo, so follow that instinct and do whatever fun means to you. If you don’t have a boo, don’t worry, Jupiter may even bless you with one of those too.     


The desire for abundance, spirituality, and adventure in your daily life may inspire you to be more mindful about how you spend your time. You might go back to the gym or want to try a new diet. Prepare for an opportunity at work to be recognized for your efforts, but also try to acknowledge and affirm yourself on the day to day. It’s important to learn how to live in the moment and be present during this time. Meditation, yoga and similar mindfulness activities might interest you.


Cue “love on the brain.” Self-love that is. Jupiter retrograde blesses you with the opportunities to freely express yourself and bask in all your glory. No one shines brighter than a Leo, so why are you stepping in the way of your own light? Spring has sprung, so start wearing less and going out more! Fall in love and reconnect with yourself— don’t worry you’ve got all summer. While it’s not ideal to take the next four months off, try your best to take things slow and live in every moment.


You have the opportunity to look at past situations in a new light and, hopefully, feel secure enough to let them go. Dear Virgo, you are being blessed with the opportunity to explore a deeper part of yourself and truly understand what it means to feel safe. Do you know your soul? Do you recognize yourself? You might benefit from doing shadow and/or ancestral work during this period. Don’t forget where you came from, but recognize when you need to move on. It is time to make amends with the cycle of life and that, too, includes death.


This is a great time to take that class, workshop, or webinar you’ve had your eye on. Jupiter reminds you that you have no limits when it comes to learning and exploring. You might enjoy trips to the local museum or library. Look up ways to get involved in your community whether that be joining a gardening club, sports team or teaching a class at the community center.


Money, money, money! While we often say “money is power,” money is not the way to your power, Scorpio— you are. Remember who the f*ck you are during this retrograde period and remind yourself of your worth. When you realize your worth, step into your power and live up to your potential then all the money and material things will follow. Focus and fixate on using your personal resources for your personal gain.


Jupiter retrograde brings you opportunity to outgrow yourself and any old habits you may be holding on to. This period is all about you and your personal growth. What parts of yourself need more nurturing and care? Stop standing in the way of your own blessings, and start saying yes to the universe more. The world is yours, so take it by storm! Find a reason to reignite the flame that once burned inside you.


Jupiter is a wanderer and during this retrograde period he wants to take you on a trip through your unconscious mind. Similar to that of Taurus and Virgo, this is the time to explore what you have kept hidden from both yourself and the world. Come to terms with your shadow side and release any and all feelings that have been repressed. Free yourself from your own prison and allow Jupiter to reward you for all the hard-work you constantly put in.


With Saturn being your ruling planet, Jupiter’s domain may be foreign land. The good news is, Jupiter supports and embraces everyone. Jupiter retrograde is blessing you with a safe space to creatively express yourself and explore your mind among your friends. These next four months, spend more time amongst link-minded individuals who accept and affirm you. Look to them for inspiration! Who knows, maybe one of them will be the missing piece to bringing your vision to life.   


You get a chance to shine in the spotlight and rethink your next big move to the top. Jupiter is your ruler too, Pisces, so of course you get a big slice of the opportunity pie. Use this time wisely to plan your next career move and where you see yourself in life. Who do you want to be remembered as? What do you want to be remembered by? These are the questions Jupiter retrograde will bring, so you better prepare an answer!

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