big sean energy

big sean energy

Happy Aries Season! The Spring Equinox has passed and it has a been a jam-packed day in the universe. As the Sun ingresses into Aries, there was also a Full Moon in Libra. Full Moons occur when the light of the Sun fully illuminates the Moon. Astrologically, Full Moons symbolize the end of a cycle and a time of enlightenment. Since the Moon is representative of our psyche, the Full Moon can be seen at a time when our subconscious thoughts and desires are brought to light. Full Moon rituals generally consist of releasing, banishing, as well as celebration for. With both the Sun in Aries, Venus in Pisces and Mercury stationing direct on March 28, we are blessed with a period of blissful and exciting exalted energy. That’s right, there are currently two planets in exaltation and two planets in their domicile. While there are still two planets in detriment, they both answer to a dignified benefice. Take advantage of the universe's blessings!  

To reign in the astrological new year I will do a quick analysis of one of Aries’ very own, Big Sean. According to the Astro-Databank, Big Sean was born March 25, 1988 at 6:05 AM in Santa Monica, CA. With this birth data, Big Sean’s birth chart looks like this:


“Big” Sean is correct. With many angular and dignified planets, the universe handed Big Sean the tools to make it big in this world and he surely took advantage. At first glance, Big Sean’s chart shows he was made to be a successful creative and he had the drive and determination to do it.

Starting with Big Sean’s big three, Aries Sun, Cancer Moon, and Aries Rising, we see that Big Sean is a cardinal energy powerhouse. By being cardinal, Big Sean is bursting with ambition and knows how to take initiative. The Sun in our charts represents how we want to identify and the rising sign is our sense of self. With an Aries Sun and Rising, there’s an extra dose of self-assurance and self-confidence.  

As mentioned, the Sun is said to be very well-placed in Aries or exalted. Let’s go back to the basics and think about what we know of the Sun. It is the center of our solar system as well as Earth’s light and life source. The Sun is the biggest, brightest, and hottest star in the universe. Thus, when we think in astrological terms of the Sun’s symbolism, one can conclude that the nature or role of the Sun is, simply, to shine. Now what makes Aries more likely to ‘shine’ than the other zodiac signs?

The Aries motto is “I am.” Aries has a stereotype of being aggressive and oftentimes selfish. While this may be true for some, a lot of Aries behavior can be misconstrued and misunderstood by those of us who do not necessarily have a “go-getter” mindset. Aries knows who they are, what they want, and exactly how to get it. Cardinal Fire knows how to get things done and make sh*t happen. In fact, if we listen to Big Sean’s mixtape discography and early album releases we will hear him say “I do it” quite often. This is cardinal fire.  

With song titles such as “Nothing Is Stopping You,” “I Do It,” and “So Much More,” Big Sean hinted at his Aries influence. Aries truly do see it, want it, and get it. To an Aries, there is no reason not to go after what you want. Let’s take my all-time favorite Big Sean song, “What U Doin’ (Bullshittin’).” Big Sean literally says, “I’m in the office doing business. Fu*k you doing? Bullshittin.” The Aries personality does not have time to bullsh*t around when there is sh*t to get done.

With an Aries rising, Big Sean has Mars as his chart ruler. The chart ruler can be seen as the “driver” of a person’s chart. Mars is the planet of war and often associated with our sexual drive, but Mars also governs our will, courage, and strength. Mars is the planet that encourages the strength and determination to move forward and keep going, but Mars can also encourage rampage and violence.  

Big Sean has his Mars exalted in Capricorn and placed proudly in the tenth house. The tenth house in astrology is associated mainly with one’s vocation as well as their reputation, public image and overall social status. The tenth house is very much an “in the public’s eye” house. With Mars in the tenth, Big Sean is very passionate about his career as well as motivated to maintain success. Mars is also well aspected in his chart receiving a harmonious trine from the lesser benefice Venus. While Venus is often simplified to only symbolizing love, it is often overlooked that Venus also represents our interests, pleasures, desires, aesthetics as well as creative talents.

In Big Sean’s chart, Venus is in her domicile in Taurus. Venus is a planet of love, yes, but also art, fashion and beauty. This Venus-Mars trine provided Big Sean with the confidence and determination to go after what his heart desires most and make a career out of it.

Although I am using Big Sean’s chart in the Placidus house system here, it is impossible to ignore the Mars-Jupiter sign-based trine. Since Mars is in Capricorn and Jupiter is in Taurus, both Earth signs, Mars trines Jupiter by sign. Jupiter is an extraordinary planet with a taste for the grandeur. Everything Jupiter touches becomes magnified. When Mars and Jupiter come into play there is an impeccable amount of ambition as well as the ability and vision to see every dream come into fruition.

Lastly, Big Daddy Jupiter is sitting pretty in the first house. The first house is all about the self. Putting two and two together, we get a big and bold personality. Someone who takes risks and is unafraid of the consequences like making your way to the radio station to rap for Kanye West even if you “have no gas.” Luckily for Big Sean, Jupiter is in a harmonious relationship with Saturn allowing him to keep his dreams realistic and within arms reach.  

While this only scratches the surface of Big Sean’s chart, I encourage everyone with an interest in learning how to read their chart or that of their friends to study as many of your favorite artists and pop culture icons birth-charts you possibly can.

TL;DR, Big Sean does in fact have big d**k energy.

Credits: Astro-Databank for Big Sean’s birthchart

  Jason, @SagittarianMind

  Big Sean’s Discography

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