surrender. retreat. repeat.

surrender. retreat. repeat.

Venus signs? Moon signs? What the hell are you talking about?

Before we get better acquainted, I encourage everyone to get a copy of their birth chart to track the “Energy Updates” in their charts to begin the path of self-discovery through astrology. A birth chart is a snapshot or map of the planets at the time of your birth. Therefore, to get the most accurate birth chart, you will need an accurate time of birth (to the minute!) along with your date and place of birth. If you don’t have a time of birth, you will still be able to learn your Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn signs. However, without a time of birth, you will not be able to know your rising sign which is a part of your “big three” and begins the casting of the houses. Once you have the required information, head over to -> Free Horoscopes -> Natal Chart, Ascendant. When prompted, enter the correct information and behold your beautiful and unique astrological roadmap. Once you have your birth chart, at first glance it can be quite difficult to dissect and understand.  Luckily, I’ve written a thread on the basics of reading your birth-chart.

Energy Update

Happy Pisces Season! Over the past couple weeks, both the Sun + Mercury have floated their way into Pisces, Mars rampaged his way into Taurus and Chiron dodged into Aries. In Pisces, the Sun and Mercury come together and invite us to dream and wander off into the more spiritual side of things. In Taurus, Mars’ chaotic energy is slowed and stabilized. In Aries, Chiron provides us with the final push to finally do something about our healing process. All in all, the universe has asked us to slow down with practical matters and allow more time to check-in with ourselves and feed our Spirit.

Mercury is both ”detriment” and “fall” in Pisces and Mars is also detriment in Taurus. When planets are detriment in a sign, it means they’re in the sign opposite its domicile. Mercury’s domicile is in both the analytical Virgo and inquisitive Gemini. Mars domicile is in both the go-getting Aries and penetrating Scorpio. It’s commonly said planets are “weak” in detriment, however I strongly believe with the right amount of TLC and self-awareness, our “weakest links” can become our greatest assets.

For instance, Mercury is a messenger so it’s necessary for it to be aware of all the facts and figures. Mercury is logical and reasonable while Pisces is a deep sea of emotion. They rule information, language, communication, transportation, exchange, siblings, short trips, etc. Mercury influences analysts, doctors, mathematicians, etc. Mercury also influences magicians and Pisces is pure magic. Mercury in Pisces provides us with the perfect backdrop to look within ourselves in search of the answers we seek. This internal exploration will be emphasized once Mercury stations retrograde. Take more time to journal, meditate, dream, and reconnect with Source.   

Mars, on the other hand, is a fast-moving and aggressive warrior. Mars rules weapons, violence, war, competition, etc. Mars is also courageous, confident, determined and fearless when his energy is channeled constructively. Taurus is a comforting and sensual Earth sign with a lot of fertile ground. When Mars meets Taurus, he’s forced to slow down and be more resourceful. Use this energy to your benefit; hone your practical skills. The motto for Mars in Taurus is “slow and steady wins the race.” Taurus isn’t concerned with competition; she wants to enjoy the experience. Channel your Martian energy into something creative; Taurus grounds the fiery energy of Mars, allowing you to conquer and complete any task. Taurus is a fixed Bull, so if you need to get something done that requires all of your attention and energy, Mars in Taurus is the perfect time. Remember not all planets in their detriment and fall have to be bad.

According to mythology, Chiron was a teacher and healer, but couldn’t heal himself. In astrology, Chiron is the wounded healer symbolizing our greatest wounds, triggers and pains. While Chiron is transiting Aries (from February 18, 2019 to April 14, 2027), we can look at the house where Aries is in our charts to get an idea of where we may experience some old and new wounds. As mentioned earlier, Chiron in Aries is about taking action and being in control of your own healing. For the next 8 years, we are entering a new cycle of revitalizing and accepting our identity; it’s time to redefine what we mean when we say “I am.” Don’t be afraid to get out more and experience the world at large. Healing isn’t a linear process and the journey isn’t always pretty, but these aren’t grounds for giving up. Make a commitment to yourself to face this cycle head-on and do the necessary work.   

Mercury Retrograde: Debunked

What is Retrograde?

When a planet is said to be “retrograde,” it means from our standpoint on Earth the planet appears to be moving backwards in its orbit. While planets don’t actually move backward, the “backward” motion is vital to the astrological interpretation of retrograde periods.

Retrograde periods are about reflecting and recharging. I like to see retrograde periods as free “do-overs” in the areas the retrograde planet governs, but you have to be willing to learn from your mistakes and move forward. Mercury retrograde is a chance to sharpen our communication skills and thought processes. This year we’ll experience 3 Mercury retrograde cycles that’ll each be in water signs thus influencing us all to get more in tune with our emotional nature and be more comfortable expressing this side of us.   

It’s usually advised not to start anything new during retrograde periods: no new projects, jobs, contracts, relationships, etc. While everyone doesn’t always have the luxury to put things off until a later date, I want to say it IS okay to use your free will and make whatever decisions you feel are best for you. If you must begin a new project, job, etc. please do so with complete confidence and assurance.   

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

Mercury Retrograde (Rx) in Pisces asks you to turn inward and strengthen your intuition. Tap into your creative + psychic centers and embrace whatever you discover. Retrograde periods allow us to rethink, redo, reassess, etc. Use this time wisely to think over any big decisions or review any creative projects you have been working on.  

The most anticipated astrological event of the year occurs on March 5th when Mercury stations retrograde at 29° Pisces. The funniest part about Mercury retrograde is how big of a phenomenon it’s become in popular culture. Mainstream media has given Mercury Rx a bad rep, suggesting complete havoc. However, it’s the most common retrograde cycle occurring 3 or 4 times a year. Instead of dreading its arrival, why not welcome it by preparing? With astrological knowledge becoming more widely available it’d be foolish to not pay attention to certain planetary cycles and alignments and how they might affect you in your everyday life.

How will Mercury Retrograde affect me?

As mentioned earlier, Mercury rules communication and transportation. During its retrograde period, some of us may experience some technical difficulties, transportation (flight) delays, mail delivery issues, etc. So yes, there are minor annoyances (Mercury is quite the trickster after all). Though some things are truly out of our control, here are a few tips to keep yourself a little ahead of Mercury’s game:

Before Mercury stations retrograde on March 5th:

  1. Back-up and update all electronic devices + software

  2. If you’re a small business owner and need to either make or receive a big shipment, try to get this done ASAP

  3. If you own a car, try to handle any and all maintenance issues

  4. Try to avoid scheduling any important business meetings during the Mercury retrograde period  

While Mercury is retrograde March 5th - March 28th:

  1. Proof-read all emails, texts, tweets, etc. even if you don’t think they’re as important. Double-check your email, text and DM recipients

  2. Try to hold off on signing any leases, contracts, deals, etc. until Mercury stations direct and if possible, is out of their shadow on April 16th

  3. Be as clear and concise as possible when communicating, whether it be business related or just a simple conversation between your friend(s) or your romantic partner(s)

  4. If you like to trade, consider holding off while Mercury is retrograde

  5. Leave the house early with ample time to make-up for any delays that might occur

I’m still a believer in free will, so don’t worry if you’re unable to reschedule any Mercury Rx meetings or appointments. There are plenty of positive outcomes to Mercury retrograde such as: finding missing items, receiving even better offers and opportunities due to waiting out any major decisions, an item you previously wanted to purchase going on sale, etc.  Try not to focus so heavily on things going wrong. The best way to tackle Mercury retrograde is to simply be aware of its energy.

An Ode to To My Mother + Ancestral Magic

An Ode to To My Mother + Ancestral Magic

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storge: backtalk