Sad Eyes

Sad Eyes

photo by Phillipe Halsman

What is it about your eyes?

Why are they sadness personified?

Blue lagoons your failures have drowned in

It wasn’t easy walking to your death

You had to drag your head and heart

and they fought you tooth and nail

but you strong-armed them anyway

Bicep curled around their throats

choking them for all the disappointment you own

You carry it around in cardboard boxes

with holes you poked in the tops

to let in air

You were hoping maybe some of your grief would get out

but you can’t bully your body into happiness

You can take clothespins to your lips

and clip them to your cheeks

Paint laugh lines around your eyes

and tell the world you’re happy

But there she is

That little woman swimming around in your irises

Doggy-paddling in her own depression

and can’t seem to keep her head above water

So, what is it about your eyes?

Why are you sadness personified?


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