The Carters, Numerology, & The Power of Numbers

The Carters, Numerology, & The Power of Numbers

“Men lie. Women lie. Numbers don’t.”  It’s a rule of thumb. A witty Instagram caption. A mantra, even. But for those who study hip-hop to the letter, it’s an appeal to every natural born hustler spoken by the most decorated of them all ― Jay Z. While the punchline is a humble brag at best, the depth of its meaning is far less shallow. The wise words uttered on The Blueprint 3 deep cut, “Reminder,” are a testament to Hov’s in-depth understanding of numerology. 

Now, what is numerology exactly? Simply put: it’s the science of numbers. But, more importantly it’s the Universe’s way of communicating through code — we just have to decipher it. Since his days working the street corners of his beloved Brooklyn, Jay has been in tune with this message ― starting first and foremost with the almighty dollar. Like any successful hustler, the man understands the importance of math. And, at its essence that is precisely what numerology is all about. 

Conceptualized by philosopher Pythagoras, numerology is the practice of mathematical concepts and how they relate to one or more coinciding events. In the case of Mr. Carter, 4 is a number he often meddles over the significance of. There are obvious connections here like his birthday (Dec. 4), Beyonce’s birthday (Sept. 4), their wedding date (April 4) and even the Marcy fortress he once called home was located in apartment 4B. Yet, the power of the number 4 ranges far beyond these instances and provides quite a bit of insight into the mind of one of the greatest orators of all time. 

According to numerological theory, the number 4 carries the energy of structure. The even numeral is foundational energy that’s needed to bring matter into form. The 4 is all about hard work, process, stability and a certain level of security. Its power resides in envisioning something and creating it from nothing. The 4 is powerful “earth” energy that is systematic and tenacious — it is the foundation from which you build something of lasting value. Sounds about right for an ex drug dealer-turned-rapper-turned-music mogul with a track record boasting over a decade. But, wait. Let’s go deeper. 

Jay’s inundation with numbers has always been a subtle theme behind his music. Think The Blueprint discography. But, his latest magnum opus, 4:44, is a manifestation of Hov’s destiny. Described as the “crux of the album,” the title track was conceived after Jay awoke during the weary hours of 4:44 AM to pen what he calls, “one of the best songs I’ve ever written.” While the record carries the weight of vulnerability, the repetition of its numbers holds an even deeper truth.

When you encounter a set of repeating numbers, you are aligning yourself with energies that are incredibly eager to assist, support and validate you. But, how does one activate these energies? All you have to do is speak what you desire into existence, set an intention, and be open to information coming to you from unexpected sources. Believe it or not, you don’t even have to ask consciously. You’ll receive messages over and over again until you begin to notice. Thus, the importance of a repetition of numbers. They’ll keep appearing until you simply can’t ignore them anymore. 

When we are open to the message being conveyed, we are tapping into the power and inspiration it offers on a personal level. The repetition of a pattern of numbers is a clear sign that the higher realms are assisting you. They’re supporting your endeavors, inspiring you and placing opportunities within reach that are yours for the taking. When this number pattern comes up, it’s demanding that you trust in yourself as well as spiritual forces. It’s telling you that whatever you’re creating through concerted effort, diligence and positive intention can expand exponentially and serve a higher purpose in the world.

Take a lesson from the GOAT and heed the omens.

Just as Jay was able to tap into the divine power of numerology, so can you. But, what’s even more intriguing about Hov’s fixation with the esoteric realm is how he found an equally yolked partner in Beyonce. Driven by a similar recurring motif, Bey has conceptualized albums, songs, and even the name of her firstborn child around the even domination of 4. 

Interestingly enough, both Jay Z and Beyoncé’s life path numbers are 5, a somewhat oppositional energy to the number 4. The life path number is similar to the sun sign in astrology — it indicates a person’s overall life purpose. It’s something you must learn, master and ultimately evolve into. The number 5 defines freedom. Yet, having the structure and rigor that the slow-and-steady number 4 brings to the equation makes Jay and Bey the ultimate numerological “power couple.” The number 5 is about progressive thought and action, fearlessness and is an agent of change — whereas the number 4 is about hard work, building, and knowledge.

Here’s a closer look at Jay and Bey’s numerological breakdown based on their full names and birth dates: 

Shawn Corey Carter Destiny Number: 7
Jay Z Carter: 7 3 1 4 5*/7 Attitude

Beyonce Gisele Knowles Destiny Number: 3
Beyonce Knowles: 9 6 6 4 5*/4 Attitude

*Denotes the Life Path Number

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In understanding the principles of numerology, much like hip-hop’s favorite royal couple, you are one step closer to tuning into your purpose. Numbers have the power to reveal your most fulfilling life direction, the major lessons you’re here to learn and the unique personality traits that will help you along this journey. 

It’s time for less hustle and more alignment. 

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