5 apps to improve your instagram

5 apps to improve your instagram

As a social media manager and freelance consultant I see many creatives are in a constant pursuit of the perfectly curated feed that looks nice and drives business, attracts contacts, and builds their personal brand. Not all creatives know how to use Adobe Photoshop. VSCO is solid but cannot pull all the weight. So, how can you revamp (or even begin the process of revamping) your Instagram for more than views and likes? How can you attain real things that matter (think: money-making and improving your brand) Here a some quick tips!

The IG-Story Badass.

Work smarter not harder. Instagram data shows that most users spend more time at the top navigational bar than scrolling through their feeds. Instagram Stories are gaining more importance than feed posts, so itโ€™s important to create content in less time. Unfold is an amazing app for Instagram Stories that improves them by utilizing minimal templates. The app features 25 templates + 60 premium templates so that you can find the template that fits your style. Storeo is another useful app for editing video content. The app slices any size video into 15 second cuts for perfect uploading.

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The Planner.

This app is for the people who want to begin curating their feed, and who simply want to view what their feed could look like. UNUM is perfect for creatives that wish to  transform their platform into visual experiences. Perfect for: storytellers, artists, the side hustle, designers, start-ups, influencers or tools for the social media savant, the app allows you to rearrange and conveniently visualize your grid.

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The Entrepreneur.

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, you do know your time is very precious. Whatever time you invest in one task, takes times away from another. Social media is important for growth because it helps you maximize your time. Take a couple hours to plan out content for the month, schedule it, and walk away. Hootsuite is a solid free social media management tool for planning and scheduling posts on Instagram, as well as Twitter and Facebook.

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The Content Creator.

Adobe Spark Post is an easy iOS app that simplifies content creation and is perfect for people who have never used Adobe programs or have little time to create in Photoshop or Illustrator. Spark Post is a fast and easy way to create graphics for any and all platforms. The app has video and photo capability. The app is especially catered for creating social posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest. It can also be used for making inspirational quotes, posters, flyers, announcements, and business-related graphics.

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The Moodboard-er.

For those who want to be aesthetic creators, VSCO is good starting point. As of recently, another app called A Color Story has been gaining moment. Named โ€œBest New Appโ€ by Apple, A Color Story edits photos and video in a fresh and new way. The app has over 100 carefully crafted filters and 40 movable effects.

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who can be genius?

who can be genius?

brain bops: me, myself, + i.

brain bops: me, myself, + i.