What is Chune?

What is Chune?

Joshua Oguntino is a User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI) designer and animator from the UK. He’s been busy working on a new app called Chune for the last year and a half so and we had the pleasure of speaking with him on the phone to learn more about how he plans on changing the way we interact with music and with ourselves.

Daniel: What is Chune?

Joshua: Chune is a musical social media app that connects people through Spotify and Apple Music. It grabs your listening history from the last 24 hours and connects you to people with similar tastes.

D: How did the idea for Chune start?

J: It originally was a passion project that received positive feedback so I saw there was clearly some kind of demand for it. I was single and using dating apps like Tinder and the whole swiping experience was too superficial for me. I realized that most of the people I liked and was able to make connections with were people that shared the same tastes as me. So I eventually got to the idea of connecting with people through music, then it got broader than dating. Like networking. I just wanted to bridge people with music.

D: How does it work?

J: Well instead of using algorithms to suggest what kind of music you might want to listen to next, it suggests people who are listening to the same music as you. And it’s not just people in the same area as you it’s international.

D: So if I’m listening to Section Boyz in Toronto I could connect with people listening to the same thing in Tokyo?

J: Exactly. And by connecting with people all over the world it also curates playlists based on what everyone you’re interacting with is listening to.

D: Why should people download it? How’s it different from what’s already on the market?

J: A lot of people are taking screenshots of whatever music they’re listening to then posting it, and that’s how they share it with their friends or followers. You see it on Twitter and Instagram all the time. Chune facilitates the connection with Spotify and Apple Music so you can seamlessly share music without all that hassle. You can share the music then consume it there and then. It’s a social streaming service.

D: Who is this app for?

J: First, this app is for you if you want to meet new people. It’s for you if you want to find new music that’s based on the tastes of people you connect with. It’s also for artists and influencers. Its gonna make it easier for artists and influencers to show you what music they’re listening to. People are always wondering what influencers are listening to, wearing etc. If you look at their Instagram you’ll see that their pictures are heavily curated. It’ll help them push their culture and brand.

Stay up to date with the Chune IOS launch here. They should be dropping any day now!
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