In Living Colour: Kali Uchis

In Living Colour: Kali Uchis

The Divine Feminine Energy is within us all. It vibrates at a frequency that touches all gender identities. It is the feminine energy that allows us to stay connected with ourselves, the worlds in which we exist, and those who we surround ourselves with. Recognizing the value of the alchemic power that exists within the sacred feminine while also honoring the masculine allows us to create from a place that is so pure and so sacred no one can touch it.

Born Karly-Marina Loaiza, Kali Uchis captured the hearts of many with her ethereal vocals on her debut EP Loner back in 2015. With the power and strength of red and the purity and divinity of white, the Colombian born, Virginia raised, LA barbie is her signature color pink personified. Her ability to sit in the feminine— allowing herself to be vulnerable on records like “Get You” and “Loner” while also letting folks know she doesn’t need a man to take care of her on records like “Ridin’ Around” is what makes Uchis so great. Her visuals mirror these sentiments. They’re bright and soft when needed. Seductive and a little rebellious when warranted. Warm and inviting when she feels like it. Always divine.


Nuestro Planeta ft. Reykon (2017)

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Standouts: Neon Cues + Cool Hues

Emotion: transportive, extraterrestrial, enigmatic

Significance: The use of low key lighting and blue reflectors transforms Kali from Brigitte Bardot to E.T. The neon violets and neon greens add an element of mystery and fantasy to an otherwise simple city night. We don't know much about her but she's badass and we want parts. The cool streetlights bouncing off of her glistening skin leaves you in a trance. You want to know who she is and where she came from. 


Ridin' Around (2015)

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Standouts: Ven a Casa 

Emotion: warm, homely, carefree

Significance: Produced by Cumbia Films and edited by Uchis herself, we are transported back to Kali's homeland, Colombia where she tells the story of a woman who does what she wants and takes from who she needs without the assistance of a man. The use of these cooler tones are balanced with the warm, earthly, browns inviting the audience to take a look at where she comes from. She trades her pink silk robe for black knee highs and bodycon to match, giving you telenovela villain. She's soft and sensitive but will take your money and maybe your man too. 



Tyrant ft. Jorja Smith (2017)

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Standouts: Power Struggle

Emotion: chaos, love, anxiety

Significance: All I hear is sirens / in a world so violent / would you be my tyrant / if i gave you power/ would you take it out?

Kali is surrounded by chaos: explosions, crashes—the world just might be ending. She poses the question to her partner: "Would you try to run my life if I let you?" This theme of power dynamics is explored with the use of primary brights and soft pastels. The images are sharp and saturated and Kali is in control of it all. As she allows herself to be vulnerable and explore this idea of power and what that means to her, she does so fully tapped into the divine.  She's dangerous and might break your heart, but you love her anyway. 

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