17 Lessons Learned in 2017

17 Lessons Learned in 2017

2017 has been filled with love + light. Laughter. Joy. Pain. Sorrow. Struggle. Triumph. A college degree. A full-time job. Well—a few full-time jobs. New friendships. Lost ones. Travel. New words. New opportunities. New ideas. Time to reflect. To face trauma head-on. A better understanding of who I am and how that is reflected in my many mirrors. The people that have crossed my path.  Many lessons learned. I thank the Universe for expanding and growing and allowing me to grow alongside her. I share with you 17 lessons learned in 2017 in hopes that she reveals these lessons to you in the New Year. 


  1. IT'S LIKE YOU'RE MY MIRROR. Everyone in your life is a mirror. They can only reflect back what is already present within yourself. Note that when you attract bad folks that there is an unresolved element that you have yet to uncover within yourself. 

  2. MENTAL HEALTH > EVERYTHING. Over a bag. Over romantic relationships. Friendships. Everything. Put yourself first. There is no shame in seeking professional help either. Tend  to your garden so that it may grow. 

  3. YOU GOT THE ANSWERS, SWAY. You have all the answers already. Seeking validation is not necessary. You already have it. 

  4. ACCOUNTABILITY. Always take ownership of what is yours. OWN IT.  You don't need to claim it and hold onto it but you must acknowledge that it is yours. Take ownership of your triumphs and your wrongdoings.

  5. ROAD LESS TRAVELLED. Your path is your path. Trust that the Universe is always conspiring in your favor. Some folks get to where you wanna be quicker. It's cool. Take the scenic route.

  6. USE YOUR WORDS. Communication is truly the key to building any sort of successful relationship—be it business, romantic, or platonic. Sometimes we think people know how we feel. What we're thinking. They don't. Especially if you're talking to a man. Be claro. 

  7. BREATHE. STRETCH. SHAKE. LET IT GO. Relax. Take a breath. Everything will be just fine. We have this tendency to stress ourselves out over things that have yet to come to pass. Be present. 

  8. IRON SHARPENS IRON. Those around you should push you and make you want to work harder. If they don't you're in the wrong circles.   

  9. SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND. It is not your responsibility to make yourself easier to digest. Dim ya light? Because someone else can't handle it? In this economy? 

  10. BRB. Sometimes pulling away is necessary. You must recharge and sometimes that may include pulling away. Do not apologize for that. Those who understand will stick by your side. 

  11. NEVER STOP CREATING. Some days you'll wake up and want to lie in bed all day. Shut out the world. This will last for a few days. Or weeks. Create anyway. 

  12. WALK IN YOUR TRUTH. Be you. All the time. In every room. Even when you'd rather be someone else. 

  13. BE MALLEABLE. Life comes at you fast. It's important that you learn how to shapeshift. Allow yourself to move and change when necessary. Don't be so stuck that you allow your blessings to pass you by. 

  14. STAY SOFT. The world will try to harden you. Don't let it. Be kind. Gracious. Giving. Loyal. No matter how many times you're knocked down. Do it anyway. 

  15. TIME IS A NON-RENEWABLE RESOURCE.         Once you’ve used it, it’s gone for good so be selective on what and who you give your time to. 

  16. WORDS ARE SPELLS. Speak life always. Words move and shift universes. Make sure the words you speak align with your actions. 

  17. GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY. Enough said. 

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