Awaken, My Love!

Awaken, My Love!

Original photo taken by Ibra Ake

Me and Your Mama

We are transported to another world where nothing matters but you and I. Mama I luh you. To the very depths of my soul, I can’t be here right now. I have to go. Headed towards the light but the darkness pulls me in. I can’t believe you did this to me. Where are we? Are we stuck? I love that you and I can coexist in one space, one planet, one dimension. For what are we to do if not love ourselves. I can’t feel my face. Suddenly my heart is filled with such joy. But joy comes from pain. From deep sorrow. We beat these drums until our fingers bleed. You can do what you want. Let me into your heart. Let me feel your spirit. Can stand it all your love makes me feel so very special. I love you. But you don’t love yourself, mama. Me and you. You and me. This is the end of us as we sleep with the moon and the stars. We must shake off this generational curse for I want much more for you than what you see. This ain’t puppy love. You’ve got a hold on me and I can’t let go. Levitate. Elevate. Levitate. Elevate. I dance with the demons but never quite find my rhythm. I can’t stay with them for too long for the engulf me and take over my body. I’ve fallen into a field of daisies and now certainly there is nothing I want more to experience the earth and the moon and the stars as we are all one and now I feel warm. Violets and yellows surround me as I spin and spin until my head is heavy and it is at this very moment I realize that if God is love then God lives in you. In me.

Have Some Love

Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Really love one another man. Have some time for one another. Time. Time. Every hour. I have no concept of time. My days run into nights for I am afraid of the darkness. They gonna get ya beloved. I try to outrun myself for my mind plays tricks on me. What is real? It’s so hard to find. I lay in the bed of rage and fear for this is my safe place. For it is here that I feel most comfortable. Wherever you are. Whoever you are. I am with you. For those that feel slighted. I am with you. For this world has a bad habit of swallowing you whole. We gotta stay together. We must stand arm in arm in the face of such pain and sorrow. Unify. Unify. Unify. Kwanzaa principles.


Are you afraid of the boogie man? Do you wanna boogie, man? The light reflects off of each sequin on my dress. It bounces into the ether. In the bowels of your mind, I am all that you think of. I wrap you in my arms and you simply cannot feel your face anymore. We boogie-Oogie-Oogie until the sun comes up. I throw my shoes off—you know Ms. Patti taught me that right. Shoulders left. Shoulders right. All around the world, they know my niggas words. Are you afraid of the dark beloved? Boogie man. Yes indeed. That is I. Now suddenly you’ve lost yourself in the dance. I can’t keep my eyes off of you and you love it don’t you. Groovin. Moovin.’ The polyester suit rubs against your thighs but you are free.


We gotta get out of here. They’re coming to get us. They’ve swallowed the planet whole and spit it back out and now all I see is zombies walk around. They’ve got those damn red baseball caps on. Make America Great Again they say as they breathe down my spine. They can smell your money and they want your money. You gotta stay alive for America was never great. There’s nowhere to hide. They’ve gotten us all. The streets are filled with zombies feeding all around us. All they eat are people .You won’t stay alive. Beware of the zombies for they’re in Congress. We’re eating you for profit. There’s no way to stop it. They’re in White House.  Grab your torches and your spray paint cans for we must spray that house black. Do you feel it? They don’t see us. They laugh in our faces. Poison our water. We have price tags on our heads. How much are you willing to pay for your freedom? 3/5ths. This for Walter Scott. Trayvon. Sandra. Korryn. Alton. Aiyana. Mike. Philando. Eric. I love you.


Remember when they bashed Rodney King’s head open? The system cannot protect those it wasn’t designed for. Ya feel me. Emancipation of a real nigga. N.I.G.G.A. A world without a captain. Everyone just wants a better life. They just wanna kill us. It’s okay sis. I see you. You’re not broken. No one completes you. You are whole. You don’t break me. It’s ok to stand in the sun. 


Ya hear that? It’s my heart beating into yours. My heart dances in the daylight I wake up feeling like—that don’t feel right. They make me put away my pride. It’s just you but I don’t want you and you don’t want me but it’s okay for if you want it you can have it and if you need it we can make it happen.  Men with mamma issues. Women with daddy issues. You wanna make it right but it’s too late. I’m trying not to waste my time but time belongs to man. We never have enough. Stay woke. For the moment you sleep they will catch you. Stay in the light. Don’t close your eyes for they will rip the carpet from under you. They gon’ find you. Run and hide. Like those that came before you. Remember that time I walked down the street and that man pointed and laughed at me. He said nigga and I froze. Fell into a new dimension. Scandalous. Where’s Olivia Pope when you need her? Who’sgoing to handle this? Warm brown tones fill the room. Coffee. Toffee. Chocolate. Burnt Sienna. Rust. Cognac. I feel at home.


Let’s ride. Grab all our stuff. She wants to move to California. She calls up all her girls and tells them to pack a bag and be ready in 30. She makes a snap before she hops in the Cadillac. That cherry red. They turn off the GPS for they’ve lost their minds but can you lose something you never had? The children run behind the Cadillac as they wave goodbye. She wants to be a STAR. Let’s ride. Let’s ride. Cruise. No worries. No inhibitions. They stop by the Hollywood sign. Mad ting.


Why won’t the lights turn on? The pipe is broken. Drip. Drop. She’s terrified. Catch a nigga creeping behind you. People want you underground. Haunted.  I am going to eat you alive. I don’t eat fast food so don’t run love. Are you the one? Why do you cause me so much pain? Why do you want to be in my skin? Take my land? My family? The air I breathe? La la la la. You walk around in my cornrows my baby hairs and my ass and now you haute couture? Ain’t that funny. You’re terrified, aren’t ya? Am I the one? Ain’t it funny that they cuss you then they praise you? My, how the tables have turned. Please. Don’t. No. Not today. This is not for you. This is for US. You can’t run from me for I am running from myself so let’s just say I know what I’m doing.

Baby Boy  

Baby Boy you stay on my mind fulfill my fantasies. Little hands. Little feet. Tiny heart. Tiny beat. Remember that? When all that mattered was sleep and nourishment. For the world had not revealed its ways to you love. Mi Amor. Daddy was still around and mama didn’t cry. Please don’t take him away. For there is so much love in his eyes and I have had my time but you precious baby boy have not. You stare at your feet. Your arms. You wish to fly. You close your eyes and soar. All the pain. All the tears. Many nights. Many years. You waited for me but I never came home. You sat on the sofa but I never came to get you. You told me you loved me but took me away. You went away. For now, I know not who you are. I’ve had my time. But you have not. My baby boy. My pride and joy. Man, he put his foot in this record right here.  Let’s stand together. Beloved. Let us love one another. For love is of God but I am not him. Or her. God is a black woman 4C hair. It all hurts. My hands are cramped. Chills run through my body. There was a time before you and there will be time after you. Walk tall. This body is not your own but walk tall.

The Night Me and Your Mama Met

What a glorious night it was. The day me and your mama met.  Wish I could get back to that place just for a moment. Here, just lay on my lap. Rest my child.

Stand Tall

“Awaken, My Love!” Stand tall and when the sun is rising, colors flash before my eyes. Stand Tall. You cannot fall. Stand. Smile. Stand. Smile. Stand tall. I will be right beside you as you walk through the shadow of death. Fear no evil. All these broken souls, but you must smile. Awaken, my love.  

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