More Than A Pretty Face

More Than A Pretty Face

Introducing More Than a Pretty Face!

Join us each week as we talk to our friends, special guests or just each other about women – our identity and visibility. Basically asking the big question: Where are the WOMEN?! What defines womanhood and what does being a woman even mean?! We want to talk about successes, challenges, and everything in between. At times, we definitely won’t agree with each other. Regardless, we’re here. We’re talking about it. We’re quirky, definitely awkward, on occasion funny, and sometimes, wise. We’re more than just some pretty faces.

This week Creator and Host, Natalia Abrahams, is joined by dear friend, Shanise Williams! Shanise shares what it's like to get fired, the unique struggles black women face in life and the workplace, and our "progressive friends.” This episode gets real.

Shanise dives into her journey of young womanhood, wanting to contribute to a company that consistently assigned her work that made her feel small despite her qualifications, the difference between senior leadership exercising power for the sake of ego versus for the sake of working towards a common goal, navigating a poor culture fit, and at what point it is okay to feel entitled to your own confidence and validation in what you contribute as a cog in the wheel of a larger organization.


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