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Our team uses constructive multimedia journalism to raise awareness for political and social events. We praise and present solutions while putting action behind our passion in the form of developing social impact technology and partnering with advocacy organizations for community initiatives. 

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Meet the 82 Tabs Team

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Jennifer Blemur

Staff Writer + Outreach Coordinator

A Brooklyn native and first-generation Haitian-American, Jennifer Blemur is a licensed attorney living in the District of Columbia.  A graduate of the David A. Clarke School of Law, Jennifer is committed to advancing the public welfare of the disenfranchised and creating transformative policy that will benefit all Americans.

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Gben Dasylva

Sustainability Policy Analyst

Gben Dasylva is an expert in conflict mapping, an outstanding researcher  and educator with a passion for research in resilience, sustainable development and conflict analysis/resolution. 



Cory Lancaster

82 Tabs Founder + Editor in Chief

Cory is a politics and policy professional skilled in policy analysis, writing, and reporting. A North Carolina Native and Duke University Alumna, she moved to Washington, D.C. to create policy solutions to manage the social inequalities created by disruptive technologies, explore civil rights in the information technology space, and bridge the culture gaps between technology innovation and government.

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Brittany Boston

Multimedia Journalist + Production Assistant 

Brittany R. Boston is a journalist and radio host from Prince George's County, Maryland. She has combined her loves of writing, interviewing, community service, and politics to create a more knowledgeable and politically aware community. 

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Rudy D. Anthony

National Security Analyst + Cybersecurity Consultant

Rudy is passionate about cultural correcting that fosters a more empathetic and peaceful society online. 

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